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Home Campaign Tour the Gully The Spurs VCs Visit Gallipoli French Sector

Gallipoli 1915

Cape Helles

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Whether you arrive there at the end of a walk up Gully Ravine or drive to it separately, a visit to this enchanting village is a must. If you are on the peninsula for more than few days then it is likely to become a familiar and welcome supply stop, if only because there is nowhere else between Cape Helles and Gaba Tepe!

Krithia, as it was known in 1915, was then a Greek community village, and a first day objective of the allies. It was never taken, although shelling reduced it to a ruin.   After the conflict it lay abandoned for some years but was eventually repopulated and renamed to reflect the hill of Achi Baba which stands behind it.

There is a market road off the main street, and half a dozen shops & double that number of fruit stalls offer the chance to buy a really healthy picnic lunch.   Alcitepe is normally fairly quiet, the exception being weekends in the high season (April/May and September) when large numbers of Turkish visitors on coaches visit for lunch.  

Don’t leave without visiting Salim Mutlu’s excellent museum. Entrance is just a few lira and you can spend an hour there. There is little narrative or interpretation, but the display cabinets are loaded with an ‘iron harvest’ of weapons, ordnance and artifacts.