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Home Campaign Tour the Gully The Spurs VCs Visit Gallipoli French Sector

Gallipoli 1915

Cape Helles

The Zig Zag Tour map Y Beach

Geoghegan’s Bluff

On Geoghegan’s Bluff

The short climb up on to Geoghegan's Bluff can be quite a relief as one leaves the oppressively close walls of the gully below. It is worth turning round to look north eastward over the gully. The right-hand wall of the gully rises sheer (photo above) , and it is perhaps fitting to reflect that for many hundreds,  it was from this area that they left the protection of the gully to ascend to the front line trenches. Under the fields and trees on the far side lie the 'H' trenches, which were so bitterly fought over in May and June 1915.

As well as being a huge cemetery, G Bluff was an HQ and staging point for the front line trenches, especially after 28th June when the enfilading machine guns of the Turkish Boomerang Redoubt on the opposite side of the ravine was neutralised by the heroic charge of the Border Regiment.

The photo immediately below looks southwards back towards the gully. Compare this to the IWM image from a very similar vantage taken  in 1915.

The last image below was take by Diccon Roberts in September 2014 and looks across the bluff from the point where one emerges on to it from the gully.

Unless you plan to cross the fields to the north west to visit Gurkha Bluff and Y beach, return back into the gully to continue the tour.