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Home Campaign Tour the Gully The Spurs VCs Visit Gallipoli French Sector

Gallipoli 1915

Cape Helles


In September 2015  I took a GoPro camera with me to Gallipoli and returned with a modest collection of amateur video of Gully Ravine and other parts of Gallipoli. My background is in radio broadcasting, not visuals, so apologies in advance for the shakey camera and basic editing. A few of the videos suffered from severe wind noise on location which made the commentary imposible to hear. For these I have re-recorded the audio, and it is fairly obvious where this has been done. There was no scripting involved and the re-records are as faithful to the orginal commentary as possible.

The recordings from other areas of Gallipoli, including Anzac and Suvla, do not strictly fit with a web site on Gully Ravine, but since they are on YouTube anyway it was a natural move to link to themhere.

The Gully Ravine specific videos offer a link to the detailed tour page on this site.

This page is currently in development. Autumn 2015.

Y Beach

Gurkha Mule Trench

Gully Ravine

The Zig Zag