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Home Campaign Tour the Gully The Spurs VCs Visit Gallipoli French Sector
Home Campaign Tour the Gully The Spurs VCs Visit Gallipoli French Sector

Gallipoli 1915

Cape Helles

A visual tour of Gully Ravine

There are two types of resource available via this page.

The slide show immediately below takes you on an armchair tour of the ravine, from the beach at the south western end up to the front line as it was at the end of the campaign near the village of Krithia.

For a more considered and detailed tour, use the interactive Google Map lower down the page. This has multiple locations and accompanying narratives.

The spurs on either side of the gully are integral to the story of Gully Ravine and I will be adding substantially to the visual tour when I  have had the opportunity to gather more images in 2015.


A detailed tour using Google mapping

You can use the Google Map below to visit locations and view images and detailed descriptions in and around Gully Ravine. The map is fully interactive so you can zoom in and reposition it. This may be helpful where there are several locations close together, for example at Gully Beach.

To do the full tour, start at Gully Beach in the south west and progress north eastward up the gully. Otherwise, just click a location that interests you. Once you arrive at any of the detailed pages you can progress without coming back to this page.

Below the map are some good ol’ standard hyperlinks to the location pages.  This tour is under constant development.

Gully Beach

The ‘K’ Lighter

Murray’s Well

The path into the gully

The southern gully

Further into the gully

Artillery Row

Detour to Gully Spur

Aberdeen Gully

The Valley of Death

The Zig Zag

Geoghegan’s Bluff

Y Beach and Gurkha Bluff

C Redoubt

Frith Walk trench

The Boomerang Redoubt

Cawley’s Crater

Fusilliers’ Bluff

The Turkish Lines