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No one can reasonably claim to have exclusive or complete expertise in any military historical matters, including Gallipoli and  Gully Ravine, and this site has been assisted and supported by a number of others.

As I have mentioned elsewhere, Stephen Chambers book ‘Gully Ravine’ * has been a constant reference and guide in my visits to Cape Helles and to the gully.  It has been a privileged to meet with Stephen and to correspond with him on occasions about Gully Ravine matters.  Do check out the Gallipoli Association, of which Stephen is the historian, if you wish to extend your interest in and knowledge of Gallipoli.

* Gully Ravine, Stephen Chambers. Pen & Sword Books, ISBN0850529239

An encouraging outcome of putting this site online has been the contact made over recent years by enthusiasts and researchers, many of whom far surpass my own knowledge and studies. This has resulted in some interesting discussions, many on the precise locations of certain trenches and features. In the page on Gully Spur for example, I refer to some new information from Len Barnett and Noel Forde.  There has also been the chance for me to provide some pointers for those seeking information on fallen relatives in the vicinity of Gully Ravine.

I am always interested in hearing from anyone concerning any aspect of Gully Ravine. Email me at:


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