W Beach to Bakery Beach

W Beach to Bakery Beach

The Cliff path from W Beach to Bakery Beach


W Beach was a major location for the landings on 25 April 1915 and the main force tasked here was the 1st Lancashire Fusiliers.

They came ashore under withering fire, stumbling over the submerged barbed wire and on to a beach interlaced with formidable defences. Despite this, and the added impediment of rifles rendered useless by salt water and the clogging sand, the beach was taken and by the afternoon forces were ascending the cliffs to link up with others from X Beach to the north. Great gallantry was displayed here, and this famously gave rise to the saying ‘Six VCs before breakfast’, as won by the Lancashires that day.

The northern area of the beach under the headland of Teke Burnu was found to be a marginally easier place to land, and in time this location became a harbour known as ‘Port Talbot’.

W Beach became a major supply position, shielded as it was to some extent by the rising hinterland from Turkish shelling and counter attacks. Once the beach was secured, work began on road that ran along the shoreline north eastwards, reaching X Beach, Gully Beach and eventually, after the location was taken, as far as  Y Beach.

Between W and X beaches lies a small cove where a kitchen and bakery was established. Bakery Beach is seldom visited today and it is fairly difficult to reach from the land. However it is possible for the determined quite safely to walk around the lower cliff side the one kilometre or so from W Beach to access it.

This area was off limits until the mid-1980s because a small Turkish military base was located on the cliffs above. Derelict buildings and gun emplacements can still be found there. The decommissioning of the base has also given access to two 1915 concrete 30,000 gallon water storage silos just above Port Talbot. These can be easily located via a quick scramble up the cliff, crossing obvious trench remains as you go.

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